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Definition of Zt = Zero-Tolerance.
  • Zero-Tolerance for DoS (Denial of service attacks).
  • Zero-Tolerance for spammers.
  • Zero-Tolerance for anyone or anything that would ruin our Internet experience.
  • We are here to inform and educate. Inform you on protecting yourself, your computer and educate on how to use those tools.
  • This also includes handling first level escalation reporting for abuse from peers, staff , and users alike.
  • Team Zt wants to insure the fun and safe Chatters experience.

  • 1. Users shall, wherever possible, be provided timely assistance and support.
    2. Deliberate abuse or harassment by any user of persons or groups will not be tolerated.

  • Abuse of authority is absolutely prohibited and will be dealt with swiftly and severely.
  • Zt Security Staff will immediately deal with any reports of abuse by their ops.
  • Within a Channel, the Zt Operators "Hosts" define "abuse" and may deal with violators as they see fit as per there determination of the AUP set the server administration posted in the MOTD.
  • If a Channel is Registered, any complaints regarding that Channel relating to content or activities should be reported to the chanops and there to Zt for their attention.
  • If chanops cannot provide timely assistance then it is up to the Zt team to back up chanops in Second Level escalation trouble reporting and resolution.
  • Zt team is solely responsible for the channel management for non registered channels and there there first level trouble reporting and resolution.
  • Zt team members are global server operators and are in as such to be treated with respect to there dignity as to any user on the server.

  • Channel Restrictions

  • Internet Relay Chat, like the Internet itself, is an unmoderated medium where users may exercise their right to freedom of expression and speech.
  • Channel creation and/or naming restrictions are therefore extremely difficult to uphold, and we would suggest that when users consider joining or creating suitable channels, the channel names and their associated topics should indicate a true reflection of the content of that channel.
  • Zt Staff and server admins as well as operators are not censors or 'Cops'; nor should they ever become such.
  • They will, however, enforce any rules and acceptable channel formats posted by the MOTD and be entitled to exercise their discretion in matters of assistance for any channel or user which may fall within the bounds of conscience of that IRC Admin or Operator, Zt team member , and are not bound or regulated to use his/her Operator Status should they not validly wish to do so.
  • It is perfectly within Network Policy for an Admin or Operator to refuse assistance to anyone they feel is infringing the laws of their particular state or country, or for any other reason which may include but is not limited to harassment or abuse of themselves or others.

  • ZT Operators

    1. Zt Operators will consist of the Admins and their formally designated Zt Operators (Ztops).

    Ztops will:
    a) NOT interfere with any internal channel operations, policies or politics unless it is their own channel;
    b) report any violation of channel restrictions found;
    c) assist channel managers in maintaining appropriate control over their channel when requested to do so.
    2. When in a channel which is not theirs, Ztops are GUESTS of the channel and will act appropriately.

  • Use of an Ztop's authority to act contrary to the wishes of legitimate channel owners or operators is absolutely prohibited and may result in the loss of that authority.
  • However, Ztops may also hold channel operator status.
  • In this event, they shall represent themselves only as a channel operator, and limit themselves to the authority granted by a channel op, as with any other channel operator.
  • 3. Ztops are also legitimate users of the net.
    They may participate in channel discussions and voice opinions as USERS, not as representatives of Zt team
    4. Ztops are the assistants, representatives and agents of Team Zt, Security Admin.
    Ztops are obliged to monitor the net on a regular basis. Ztops are expected to provide timely assistance to All users upon request.
    5. No Ztops who have assumed Ztops status may set their mode to +i; this is invisibility, and users must be able to find Zt operators on line at any time.
    Should the Ztops have not 'oped' then it is their choice to set invisibility on; however as soon as oped mode is assumed, +i mode MUST be set off.

    Channel Owners

    1. Channel owners of their respective registered channels shall ensure that channel content and behavior is within the guidelines of the Tri-Net Channel Policies.

  • Chanops are the final authority within the channel.
  • They are NOT responsible for other-channel activities of their regulars or ex-operators.
  • They must also make all efforts to ensure that the channel reflects the nature described in the topic and the theme for the channel purpose.
  • 2. Zt Operators are representatives and agents of the Channel Manager, and should maintain order within the channel as needed.
    When requested and directed by Zt admin or in the absence of any Channel manager.
    3. Abusive behavior on other channels by Channel Managers will NOT be tolerated.
    Channel managers repeatedly violating this rule should be removed or suspended for an indefinite period, pending review from their peers and or management.

    ZTAdmin & ZTops

    1. Zt Admin and Ztops will NOT be involved in Channel politics, and they CANNOT and WILL NOT go into a channel of their choice and either demand chanops or use your authority to get chanops.

  • If a user says someone is abusive and a chanop is present in the channel, then Ztops and Admins must not interfere.
  • If, however, the channel op requests assistance for a matter with which he/she cannot deal, Admins and Ztops will go in, evaluate the situation and, if necessary, remove the abuser, departing immediately after such necessary tasks have been performed.
  • 2. Ztops and Admin are to follow these basic steps for resolution.

    a. Start logging in requested channel
    b. Op in requested channel
    c. Determine root cause of problem and provide timely assistance.
    d. Execute action
    e. Return Channel to normal operations
    f. Deop and stop logs for channel action.
    g. Email logs to for review and storage for handling of complaint issues relating to action.
    Zt team and staff cannot and will not divulge any information to any persons not so designated By the Server Admin, the Security admin or PDE with out the expressed written permission from same.

    ALL violations are to be reported to admin and abuse

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